If you have a teenager or younger child you've probably heard about this Netflix Series.  Let me warn you as a parent it will scare you to death.  I watched "13 Reasons Why" and at the end of the series I felt sick to my stomach.My 11 year old wanted to watch it and we started watching it together and I made her turn it off during the first episode.  She's just not there yet, it's definitely for older kids, high school, possibly middle school.  It's extremely graphic and there are things in this series where you'll be turning you head away.


It's about the suicide of Hannah Baker, the character in the show, made 13 tapes that lead to her death.  These tapes tell the story of Hannah's life in her own words and what lead her to kill herself.  It is truly eye opening in so many ways.  You'll find yourself crying.  You'll find yourself shaking your head and saying, "why"... even when she's telling us in the tapes.

Do you think "13 Reasons Why" should be shown in our schools?  Would you watch this with your teenager?  Did you see it, what did you think?



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