What's Thanksgiving dinner without some good, homemade Frog Eye Salad?

Wait, what? That's right, apparently, a lot of people in Idaho and Nevada are searching for recipes for this suspect sounding side dish.

In an interesting experiment in national sociology, The New York Times wanted to know what Thanksgiving side dish recipes each state was Googling the most.

New Jersey, by the way, went with stuffed artichokes.

It's actually pretty interesting to see what other parts of the country are planning to bring to the dinner table - from key lime cake in Georgia to cheesy potatoes in Michigan, it's a pretty fascinating look at what we like in different parts of the US.

The best part of the article - they include a little bit about each dish and link to recipes.

So click here to check it out, and maybe bring some "4 layer delight" to your Thanksgiving dinner this year!