The Fall TV season is only a couple weeks old, but there are already some new shows that have caught my attention. Here are my favorites so far:


Movies turned into TV shows tend to be hit (Friday Night Lights) and miss (anyone remember My Big Fat Greek Life? Exactly). The 2011 movie Limitless was a paranoid thriller starring Bradley Cooper. The TV show, which features Cooper in the first episode and occasional cameos, takes a different strategy - it's more of a procedural dramady. The star, Jake McDorman, plays an endearing guy who's kind of a loser. His siblings are all successful, while he, nearing 30, still holds onto his dream of being a rock star.

But he's a sweet loser. You can't help but like the guy. Soon, he gets pulled into the world of "NZT", a mysterious drug that turns users into super brainiacs. He catches the attention of the FBI and becomes a consultant. The main conflict for him is trying to balance his non-NZT enhanced personal life with his drug enhanced work life.

I like it because it kind of flips the script on the movie to TV show transition. Rather than being a continuation of the movie storyline, with the same feel and pace, it keeps the main plot points in tact, specifically the drug, while making the show more fun, than tense and frantic.

Limitless is on CBS, Tuesdays at 10pm.


Minority Report

Another movie turned TV show, this one is more of a continuation of the movie. At the end of the film (spoiler alert), the three "pre-cogs" who were able to foresee crime before it happened, were freed into the real world.

The TV show picks up one of the three, Dash, as he adjusts to the real world while trying to balance real life with his psychic gift. However, it's not long before he ends up working with the police again to solve crimes. But, this time, it's by choice, not by pretty much being in a constantly sedated hostage situation.

Literally, as I was about to write about how I like the futuristic version of Washington, DC, along with more endearing characters, I actually just came across news that it's likely going to be the first to be cancelled this season.

Minority Report is on Fox, Mondays at 9pm (well, at least while it lasts).


American Horror Story: Hotel

I wrote a review of the first episode of the new AHS series last week (click here to check it out), and one episode in is pretty early to deem it one of my favorites of the new season. But, if I'm being honest, there really aren't all that many really good new shows out there.

Fargo's new season has potential. The Muppets is fun to watch, with the familiar cast that we grew up with and lots of celebrity cameos, but it kind of lacks the charm of the original. Besides those, in my opinion, it's pretty much a barren wasteland of "meh" new shows.

Have any new shows pulled you in yet? Comment below and let us know!

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