The arrogant young cop, the sleazy lawyer, the doctor who can't be all that bothered...there are a lot of stereotypes that come with certain occupations.

I'll be honest, the reason I came up this topic today is because I ran into one of those arrogant young police officers just a little while ago (no, I certainly will not tell you which township). Not only was I annoyed at being treated badly by someone who is supposed to help the public, but I was trying to help the police by trying to get information on the radio to relay to you, the public.



Unfortunately, it's the individuals like that who keep the stereotype going for those who are genuinely trying to help and be easy to deal with.

So what other workplace stereotype do you think gets an unfair reputation? I'll throw one out there...the DJ who has an easy job. We do a lot more than, "just play music all day" thank you very much!

So what occupations do you think have an unfair reputation? Let us know in the comments section!

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