"Family Rules" signs have become popular in today's decor.  I'm sure you've seen them in the stores or at your friends' houses.  Maybe you even have one of them that says something like 'Love Each Other," "Laugh Often," etc.

I started to think about family rules as it relates to sharing a summer house together.  Whether or not you're right near the beach, Ocean County homes get a lot of visitors this time of year.  Or maybe you and your siblings go in together on a big house in the Outer Banks or some other beachy place.

When a lot of different personlities share an enclosed space, conflicts can arise and feathers can get ruffled, whether you're blood relatives or not.

I've heard about people who write up and post some "House Rules" for everyone to see.  I think this is a great idea!  Setting expectations about housekeeping, cooking, noise, and smoking can get everyone on the same page and help keep the peace.

Do you use "House Rules" when you're sharing vacation time with family or friends? What's one of the most important rules to have in place?

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