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Yes!  It's National Picnic Month.  Is there anything better than a picnic with your kids and your family. I guess there are different ways now to say picnics.  I grew up with it always being a picnic--if there was 3 people or 20.  But now it's often called a barbeque.  Do you like having barbeques at your house or would you rather go to someone's instead.  I love hosting a good barbeque!  It's always a fun time.  But, I guess it would really help if I'd have a grill...and I don't. To me, the best picnic ever is my 7 year old daughter and I having a picnic in the back yard or the park.  It's a fun time to talk and be outside and try to cool down under a tree.

Where's the best place to have a picnic here in Ocean County?  What's your favorite thing to eat in the picnic basket!