"Hello cutie"! Welcome to your new home and get ready for so much love to come your way from the Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo!

Barbara Lathrop from the Popcorn Park Zoo spoke about Rudy this morning and we wanted to share his story with you from the Popcorn Park Zoo webpage:


Two weeks ago the animal control officer in the city of Orange called to let us know he had corralled a small sheep he found running down the street. We sent staff over to pick the little guy up. Rudy, the Orange ACO, told us he found some neighborhood residents that had heard that the sheep was purchased for a sacrificial ritual during the festival season. The little male (ram) sheep had balloons on strings tied to his tail and  ear tag. A swath of wool had also been sheared off his back to expose his skin. Luckily this little guy escaped and was found by Rudy and the next day morning was brought down to Popcorn Park.When he settled in we treated his eye and wounds and gave antibiotics injections. Through it all he was great and seemed to enjoy our company even through the exam and treatment. His ulcerated eye was very bad and we were afraid he might have permanent damage so for the next week staff treated his eye every two hours during the day...CLICK HERE to read more about Rudy!

I'm sure Rudy will be ready real soon for visitors, for now he's being taken care of and treated like the king he is! Can't wait to meet you Rudy!


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