My husband and I gave it a taste last night, this "new" fall-like candy bar.

Let's just say, I love Kit Kat. I love the chocolate and the wafer in the middle. There are some limited flavors out right now that you can try. The DUO - Mint Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, Birthday Cake, and the Apple Pie. We tried the Apple Pie. Apple Pie is my husband's favorite dessert.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

The Apple Pie Kit Kat is white chocolate. Inside the Kit Kat are crisp wafers Apple Pie flavored. I'm not a big fan, my husband liked it. I do have to tell you, I took a bite and I thought - no way. But, as I was chewing, I totally tasted an apple pie. They hit it right on with the taste, I just don't want my Apple Pie in a candy bar. I guess they're trying to make the Kit Kat like an Apple Pie with ice cream, maybe?

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

If you find the other limited edition Kit Kat. Birthday Cake looks pretty interesting. Just like a Birthday Cake, white chocolate (again) with different colored sprinkles. And my daughter's favorite of all time Mint and Chocolate mixed. The DUO has these two flavors together, with green on top and dark chocolate on the bottom. Each one of these limited Kit Kats has that crisp wafer inside to give it the "true" Kit Kat taste.

The limited edition Kit Kat is available in most stores that carry candy. Some stores I noticed have one or two of them, but the majority of stores I've been in have only one of the limited edition ones.

I'll still choose the "original" Kit Kat for my taste buds.


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