You simply have to see this video.  We all love Wawa but this is ridiculous.  Imagine your favorite local convenience store is getting ransacked by a mass of people, I mean the store is literally getting overtaken, and you're still trying to order your Sizzli.

You have to give her credit, she is determined to get that sweet, sweet sandwich. Oblivious to the havoc happening around her, this woman is going to get her lunch regardless of the circumstances.  You have to see this for yourself in the video below.

The world may be crashing down around us but as long as we get that sandwich we can keep rolling. I'm literally dead.  She is like, "this has nothing to do with me".  When you need to eat you need to eat.  I propose she is the new spokesperson for Wawa.

On a serious note, this group of out-of-control teens decided to invade this Philly Wawa, grab items from the shelves, and throw them across the store while standing on countertops and screaming at the top of their lungs.  Police say the mob created thousands of dollars of damage.  The faces that were caught in the footage above will be sought after and held accountable according to authorities.

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