This past Sunday, generations of fans watched as Fox rolled out a rollicking production of "Grease". In addition to pulling in pretty impressive Sunday night numbers, with over 12 million viewers, it also pulled off some pretty impressive live TV feats.

Most of us don't ever think about what's going on behind the cameras, and what it takes to choreograph all of the shots in a big live production like an awards show or sporting event. But add huge musical numbers to the mix and it turns into a massive undertaking. Which is what makes this behind the scenes video so impressive.

Here, Associate Director Carrie Havel keep time with the music and keeps track of all of the camera shots. It's dizzying but thrilling to watch. Check it out:


A lot of people have asked what it means to be the Associate Director on a show like Grease Live. Here's a peek behind the curtain. Every shot in the show was designed and scripted by our director Alex Rudzinski. My job was to execute that plan. You hear me calling shot numbers and camera moves carefully coordinated with the music. My head stays in the script and Alex, to my right, keeps an eye on cameras to adjust framing and pacing. #GreaseLive

Posted by Carrie Havel on Monday, February 1, 2016