The hot seat got a little too hot for megastar Robert Downey, Jr this week, when Britain's Channel 4 News was interviewing him as part of an "Avengers" press tour. When the interviewer started prodding into Downey's personal life, the star got visibly uncomfortable, and finally got up and (if you'll notice, politely) excused himself and walked out. Watch (go to about 5:30 in the video for when things get awkward):


I think this raises a valid question - are the personal lives of stars fair game for interviews? In Downey's defense, this was a press tour specifically for "Avengers: Age of Ultron", not a sit down tell-all piece.

From a journalism standpoint, honestly, I think it was bad form. It seems to me like the interviewer was more interested in putting his own name in the spotlight by getting Downey to open up about his past, when he was invited there to interview the star about his movie, not about his personal life.

And, like I said earlier, I give Downey credit for keeping his cool. He knows that the cameras are always rolling and that anything he says will be recorded and promoted, for better or worse.

What do you think, is it fair game to get into a celebrity's personal life, or are they entitled to privacy just like the rest of us? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!