Nothing to see here folks. Just a number of dolphins discovering a paddle boarder off the coast of New Jersey and tagging along with him for an hour.

This happened on Friday to John Wagner. He was off the coast of Stone Harbor in Cape May County (north of Wildwood) paddle boarding when the dolphins crashed his party. He got some amazing video of the surprise encounter which you can check out below thanks to

I’ve been in small boats when this happened but only with two or three dolphins and only for a couple minutes. Even that was thrilling. You can feel the friendly vibe of these creatures when they’re playing this way.

Do you want to have your mind blown?

Dolphins used to live on the land. Fifty million years ago what were the ancestors of dolphins roamed the earth on hoof-like toes. The species evolved, deciding to renter the water (this is known as a reentrant according to and eventually became what we know today as dolphins. In fact they say dolphins have vestigial leg bones in their flippers.

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