Many Ocean County residents know about the Brick bald eagle nest, which sits atop a cell phone tower on Brick Blvd. While a Shore non-profit hopes to make it possible for all of us to keep a watchful eye over the Brick birds, a "nest cam" in Florida is keeping watch over a pair of eggs that are expected to hatch any day.

A Ft. Myers Florida bald eagle pair are under 24/7 surveillance as the eggs that they laid just about a month ago are expected to hatch any day now.

Bald eagle eggs normally undergo a period of 35 days incubation, and the Florida pair's eggs were laid on November 22nd and 25th.

You can watch the progress for yourself by clicking play right here:

While you're watching the Florida eagles, we could be doing the same right here in Ocean County.

Brick based non-profit Save Barnegat Bay is running a fundraiser to install a similar setup right here at the Shore.


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