Yesterday, that mysterious package in the photo above arrived at the WOBM offices. Upon closer inspection however, I realized who it was from.

That's right, it is from none other than Toms River's very own "Miss Liberty", Sondra Fortunato.

This is actually the second year that she's spread her holiday joy to WOBM. I have to give myself a pat on the back for practicing patience, too. Last year's unwrapping video was so much fun that I wanted to wait to open it until today so we could capture the whole thing on video again this year

So what was inside?


Honestly, I do have to thank Sondra. The thought is truly what matters, and as you can see from the video, it did indeed bring a smile to my face.

And, I mean, she did go to the trouble of making me my very own Miss Liberty style sign to attach to my car:

Justin's brand new "Miss Liberty" style sign (Townsquare Media Photo)
Justin's brand new "Miss Liberty" style sign (Townsquare Media Photo)

So Merry Christmas to you, Miss Liberty, I'm sure we'll be seeing you around Ocean County soon!


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