I have a problem. I can't wrap presents. Honestly, I just can't do it. When the presents are spread around the tree or menorah (depending on who's house I'm at), it's pretty obvious which presents are the ones that I wrapped. They're the ones that look like they were wrapped by a 5 year old.

You may remember this video from last year that shows a store worker employing some kind of superhuman speed and skill to neatly pack up a gift in 30 seconds flat.

So, how do they do it? This YouTuber slowed things down a little to really explain the process. Take a look:


So, here's what I'm going to do next - I'm going to try it. I mean, if they can show it that simply, surely even I can pull it off, right?

Stay tuned, we'll have a new episode of Justin's Life Hacks coming up and I'll give it a shot. If this doesn't work out, there may truly be no hope for me.

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