As you surely know, our sister station 105.7 The Hawk has been doing some amazing work this week as their annual Billboard Radiothon to benefit Ocean Of Love has been live from the Target/Lowe's plaza on Hooper Avenue.

Last night, we had just about every camera rolling as an absolutely mind blowing gesture of the strength and unity of our community took over the whole plaza.

Fire trucks, ambulances, and more from around the area descended on the parking lot with lights and sirens in full force. Our team caught the whole thing from the ground, from the billboard scaffolding, from the cab of one of the trucks, and from high above in the sky.

Watch this amazing scene for yourself:

It all culminated with a donation of over $10,000 to Ocean Of Love, to help families right here in our community.

Just in case anyone doesn't understand what we mean when we say that we have an amazing community here in Ocean County, show them this video!

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