Let's be honest here - it isn't an unusual sight to see police cars going well above the speed limit on major highways like The Garden State Parkway, without their emergency lights on. For most of us, we may have a few choice words that we mutter under our breath, but there's really not a whole lot that we can do. But one citizen in Florida decided that she did want to do something about it, and she recorded the whole thing. Take a look:



Now, obviously, chasing a police car at over 80 miles an hour on a highway isn't a good idea.

Using your cell phone to film it while doing the chasing is probably an even worse idea.

This woman may have had a good point - police should be making a good example by observing traffic safety laws just like the rest of us, but she may have gone about making her point in a less than ideal way.

What do you think, is she a citizen hero, or a reckless vigilante? Chime in on the comments section!

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