Yes, you read that headline right, Valentine's Day dinner at White Castle.

And before you think that it's a joke, they say that reservations are going fast.

Why make a reservation at a stuffy, expensive fine dining restaurant when you could pile up the White Castle sliders and fill both your bellies for considerably less, am I right or what?

And, bonus, you won't even have to worry about wearing a jacket or tie!

White Castle has actually been hosting Valentine's Day dinner for nearly 30 years, with the tradition going back to 1991.

And yes, they're also serious about the reservation part.

They've teamed up with this year to book the romantic burger outing.

They're expecting so much business that select White Castle locations are extending the Valentine's Day offering to Friday the 15th as well, with the Forked River White Castle taking part in the bonus day festivities.

And please, if you decide to make an Ocean County White Castle your Valentine's Day proposal location, I beg you to take photos and send them to us!


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