If you want to get people involved in something then just ask for their opinions when it comes to food.  Where is the best pizza, bagels, wings, seafood, steaks, hamburgers, ice cream, donuts…you name it and people will have an opinion.  Of course when you use social media they will not only tell you what they like but be very clear on what they don’t like.

I have really never done food choices as a topic for several reasons:

  1. I like a lot of places.
  2. Many of those are owned by friends who I would never want to offend.
  3. I recognize that even the best restaurants have bad days especially when it comes to service.
  4. What I like and where may be very different from your choices. My opinion is no more important than yours…it’s just mine.

Nobody is going to confuse my palate with that of a food critic for the New York Times.  I would likely be just as happy to have a good burger and fries as I would a gourmet meal from an upscale French restaurant.  I don’t know exactly what I used that as an example but hopefully you get my point.

Food and favorites are personal and there is no right or wrong.  Take for example pizza which is a big favorite on Super Bowl Sunday. Do you like deep dish, thin crust, stuffed crust…how about Neapolitan, Sicilian, Grandma Pie, White Pizza or Tomato Pie?  There are enough choices to take care of your Friday nights for months.

As for me…well I like pretty much of all of them.  I guess my favorite is more on the thin crust side and I’m okay with toppings like sausage, onions, pepperoni and yes even anchovies.  Just keep the healthy options away.

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