It's probably safe to assume that most of us who spend time on Jersey Shore beaches go barefoot.  And I'm guessing most of us probably love the feeling.  Without shoes our feet feel the hot sand and the cool water and it's awesome.

But I'm not really one to go barefoot when I'm not on the beach so I thought I'd do some reading on the topic.

It's clear that there are others, who, like me, don't go barefoot because our feet are always cold.  But what I didn't realize is there's a whole movement to make barefeet more acceptable in public!  Check out the website of  "The Barefoot Alliance" and their efforts.

When I moved from New York out to San Diego I was surprised how many people would drive without shoes.  I was kind of grossed out how many would walk around supermarkets and other stores barefoot.   And I worried that they're going to step on something and cut themselves.

To each his/her own, I guess, but I think feet are best covered when in public.

Sure, shoes can be uncomfortable, and we should give feet the freedom they deserve for helping us out each day, but I'm just not likely to go barefoot unless I'm on the beach.  At home, I'm usually wearing slippers.  They keep my toes toasty while not being as constricting as shoes.

Celebrities are starting to post photos of their bare feet, in the kitchen, on the red carpet, etc., so is this going to be the next big thing?  Will the fashion influencers be telling us to remove our footwear?

What are your thoughts on this topic?  Do you go barefoot around the house?  In public?  How would you feel if you started seeing more shoeless shoppers or drivers?

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