We recently asked you to tell us about the best youth sports coaches in Ocean County, and we got some great stories of how your kids' coaches inspire and mentor them.

Check out the nominations that we got, then vote for your favorite at the end.

The winning coach will get a box with 14 seats to see the Harlem Globetrotters at the Cure Insurance Arena on Saturday, March 7th!

Here are the nominees:

Greg Anacker - Bayville Bombers Basketball

Not only is coach Anacker a busy man with work and his family, but he makes time to teach our girls how to play basketball. Coach Anacker is a fair man and we are lucky that our team from last year got him this year. These girls transformed to an amazing team and are in 2nd place. Thanks to coach Anacker for having faith in them.

Nomination by Janet Bruno


Tony Nash - Brick Wrestling Club

He has been coaching for over 10 years in this program without his own child being in it. He is the true definition of a youth coach, the kids look up to him. He is not just a coach that teaches the sport of wrestling but he teaches these young athletes what is important in life. He teaches them discipline, respect and responsibilities.

Nomination by Dan Santaniello


Tommy Noone - Toms River Flag Football

Tommy Noone had been coaching flag football for over 5 years. I have watched him encourage and help each kid grow on his team. His goal as a coach is for the kids to have fun and learn how to support your teammates. I can honestly say that any kid who has been on Tommy's team is always happy, and that goes for the parents as well. I truly hope he receives this award.

Nomination by Ellen Longs


Michael Schumann - Toms River Raiders Pop Warner

Michael played pop warmer since he was 8-years-old until the 8th grade. He went on to continue to play at High School South. He has coached the Raiders Pop Warner for years. He now coaches NJAY, New Jersey all-stars football, and has continued while being a Sheriff's Officer. They have won two National Championships in Orlando, Florida. It's all about volunteers and the love of the game that counts. Volunteering can make a huge impact on a child's life no matter the sport. He also received the award for Volunteer of the year. He has dedicated many years to Youth Football.

Nomination by Theresa Schumann

Brian Thompson - Toms River - TRBA Titans Football & Basketball

Coach Brian is having a lasting impact on everyone he coaches. He has coached for 7 years now. Each year the number of requests from parents for him to be their child’s coach is astounding. He and I started a co-ed travel basketball team for friends to have fun, with many of the kids now playing on Shore Conference varsity teams. Most importantly, with flag football, he requested that a handicapped child be placed on his team, knowing that the child cannot play football. He has found ways to get the kid on the field, study a playbook, and help him coach.

Nomination by Scott Thompson

[Coach Thompson] is awesome, dedicated, and takes care of all kids. He really cares!!! He is one of the best and will be around for a very long time.

Nomination by Nick Columbo

There you have it, your nominees for the best youth sports coach in Ocean County!

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Nominations have been edited for clarity and length.


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