If you haven't heard the news yet, it's big news!

This Memorial Day weekend, we're giving you nearly 3 1/2 days worth of nothing but your favorite feel-good 80s music!

The Feel Good 80s Weekend starts this Friday at 4:00 P.M. with Justin Louis live from The RWJBarnabas Health Seaside Park boardwalk studio.

We've got 80 hours worth of 80s music planned for you, so we want to kick it off in style, which is where you come in!

We need to get the Feel Good 80s Weekend started right, whether it's a hit that just screams 1980s, an anthem that will rock, or a chart-topper that could only have been made in the decade that brought us Alf, it's up to you to decide.

And hey, if you don't like any of the choices, write in your own! If there are enough write-in votes, we're open to suggestion!

Ready to vote?


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