(Video is courtesy of Manchester Township Police)

A scary moment for a Manchester police officer caught on dash-cam video in early November is now being shared by the department to remind drivers about the Move-Over Law in New Jersey.

Patrolman Kyle Rickvalsky had to dive and tumble out of the way of an oncoming car who swerved to avoid hitting his patrol car but nearly hit him..

Rickvalsky had pulled over to investigate a car struck by a deer and had his emergency lights flashing at the time of the near collision.

He spotted a car coming near the passenger side of his vehicle and in an instant got out of the way.

"With some quick thinking and ninja-like reflexes, Patrolman Rickvalsky was able to dive and roll out of the way of a vehicle that failed to move over!" Manchester Police said in a Facebook post.

Rickvalsky called in the incident to dispatch and the vehicle that nearly hit him was pulled over a short time later and given a ticket for the road violation.

"We are thankful that Patrolman Rickvalsky was able to walk away from this incident with only a few scrapes," Manchester Police continued on Facebook.

The law instructs drivers who see flashing lights on the side of the road from an emergency vehicle to slow down and IF it's safe, Move Over, away from police, fire crews, paramedics and tow truck drivers.

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