If someone were to craft those classic little heart candies specifically for Jersey valentines … what would they say?  I've rounded up a few ideas:

You could sprinkle these hearts (if they existed) into your Wawa hoagie, for extra crunch.

Clearly, this conversation heart would be hoarded and proudly displayed by Jersey Girls, year-round.

For those unfamiliar, that would be the Cheesequake rest stop along the Parkway.

Bruuuuce.  A fan favorite line from Springsteen's 'Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)'.

As in Bon Jovi from "Livin' On a Prayer." Come to think of it, some Jersey rockstar lyrics seem to have been made for conversation hearts.

This obvious Bon Jovi reference just had to be made.

Another Springsteen lyric, but from 'Thunder Road.' It's considerably more romantic than another line: "You ain't a beauty."

Show that south Jersey pride!

A Jersey Shore reference, whether Atlantic City or Asbury Park... Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant Beach, Ocean City, or points in-between.

You know, since there's no "self-service" gas stations in Jersey. (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

I also have to add one suggested by longtime Jerseyan turned SC resident — thanks Joe!:

(All images by Erin Vogt & Louis C. Hochman, Townsquare Media)

Come on, I know you have a 'very NJ' conversation hearts! There's got to be a half-dozen involving pork roll, alone.  Please share them below, or tweet me @ProudJersey!