In a previous story, we talked about the most luxurious "hotel" in New Jersey. This time around we are talking about the best "motel" in the Garden State. Before we talk about the actual location let's look at the difference between a motel and a hotel.


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According to Google "Size: Motels are smaller than hotels. Service: Motels offer fewer services than hotels. Facilities: Motels have fewer facilities than hotels. Location: Motels are located near motorways while hotels have more central locations in cities."

For me, the bottom line is cleanliness and security. Motel or hotel, the location has to be clean and it has to be in a nice location with a look of security. Who wants to stay in a bad section of town in a dirty room? So those are my two major conditions.




Google Maps
Google Maps



The motel named best is located near one of our biggest beach towns in New Jersey, not a big surprise. Our beaches in New Jersey are among the best in America, so no surprise people want to stay close to them when vacationing here.

According to Love Exploring, the best motel in Jersey is located in Wildwood Crest. The publication named the Caribbean Motel as their top pick.

"New Jersey’s Wildwood Crest is known for its classic beach town vibes and a fascinating strip of mid-century modern inns, known as “Doo Wop” motels. Only two – Chateau Bleu and Caribbean Motel – are protected by the National Register of Historic Places. The latter, which opened in the 1950s, has been restored in a brilliantly colorful retro style with plastic palm trees, a crescent-shaped pool, and mid-century furniture. It’s an easy stroll to the beaches and boardwalk, too."



Google Maps
Google Maps



According to the Caribbean website, "Angular elements, space-age imagery, tropical themes, and colors, with spectacular neon signage turning up the volume, even more, combined to form a sensational display that can still be seen in the Wildwoods today."


Have you ever stayed at the Caribbean Motel in Wildwood Crest? If so please give us your review and post your comments below.


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