Take a look in your freezer immediately.  Is there "LEAN CUISINE Baked Chicken, white meat chicken with stuffing, red skin mashed potatoes and gravy” in there?  If so, read carefully.

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The USDA has issued a "class 1 recall" with a "high" health risk for this item.  The particular set of affected items have a lot code of 0246595911 and the "best before" date is October of 2021. The establishment number is “EST. P-9018” and were sent to stores nationwide.

Why are they issuing the recall?  Five people complained that they discovered "hard white plastic" inside the mashed potatoes.  The U. S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service believes that the pieces of plastic were the result of a malfunction and breaking of a conveyor belt.  In all, Nestlé is recalling over 90,000 pounds of LEAN CUISINE Baked Chicken meals.  That's a lot of chicken!

If you have a meal from Nestlé and you'd like to ask questions, you can call 1-800-993-8625.

We've shared a couple of other big recalls this past year.  Notably, "Certain Ring Video Doorbells Could Catch Fire" last month.  And in February we shared the news that a "Nationwide Recall Issued After Blades Fly Off Ceiling Fans."  When I hear of anything that affects the health of your family, rest assured that I will let you know!

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