Yesterday, a video made the rounds purporting to be proof of Hollywood tech dreams coming true. Today, we're learning more about it.

We posted the video, which showed pro skateboarder Tony Hawk zipping around on a Back to the Future II style "hoverboard".

The video went viral and there were plenty of debates on the validity of the video.

Some said that the video was convincing - no obvious camera tricks, special effects, or wires.

Others said that it's just too ridiculous to be true.

Well, today, reports are coming out that comedy website Funny or Die is responsible for what is, sadly, the hoax.

They haven't copped to the prank yet, but there seems to be enough pointing to the FoD team to be able to say that the whole thing has been pretty much debunked.

But hey, Back to the Future II did take place in 2015, so we do still have another year to hope!

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