This area has been empty for years and finally this week I saw work being done in this empty lot.

I'm not sure what they're putting in there, maybe you know? It's along Rt. 9 in Bayville.

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This location is located next to Richard's Sub World, the empty lot. Recently I asked you, What does Bayville need and what do you want?

WOBM Listener
WOBM Listener

UPDATE: Recently I was reading Facebook and I saw so many different things that might be moving in this empty location. If you grew up in Bavyille, you remember that dirt bike track way back in the woods behind this empty lot, they're digging that out of there, also. I was hearing it was storage units, but from what I'm hearing it's going to be more housing. If this is true, the intersection at Richard's subs and Frankie's and across from Ace Hardware, it's incredibly hard to make any turns. With more housing in that location, traffic will be horrible in Bayville.

google maps
google maps

Bayville needs a lot. I love it there and would love to see more. More places for the family. I'd love to see some great restaurants. And, I'd love to see a Kohl's or a large shopping store so I wouldn't have to go to Lacey or Toms River.

Wegmans or Trader Joe's would be fabulous. We have ShopRite but one more grocery store would be great in Bayville.

I hear all the time we need more family things to do in Bayville and I totally agree. We had Black Beard's Cave several years ago, for many years and now that's closed. I remember when we first moved to Bayville over 10 years ago and we loved Black Beard's. It was always such a cute place to take my parents and Abby was the perfect age for the smaller rides. We do need something like this again in Bayville.

An ice skating rink would be a great choice or a roller rink would be a lot of fun. An arcade was mentioned. A bowling alley and a movie theater were mentioned as what you would like to see in Bayville.

We definitely need something good in Bayville. "Thank you" for all of your suggestions. These are the 10 things you want in Bayville:

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