I'm pretty sure that I've officially heard it all.

Yes, we now live in a world where, for a fee, somebody will give you a sledgehammer, protective gear, and a safe space to let you smash your stress out in 20 minute increments.

It's part of a trend that's seemingly adding one more layer to the recent hatchet throwing movement called "rage rooms".

The first rage room to come to the Jersey Shore will be opening in Toms River this spring, when "Smashin' City Rage Room" opens for business.

According to Patch, the Route 37 business will let customers choose an implement like a sledgehammer, baseball bat, or golf club, pick a target of your anger, like dishes or electronics, and smash your stress away.

It'll cost anywhere from $40 for a 20 minute solo session up to $100 for a group smashup.

You can check out their full price list by clicking here.

The grand opening for Smashin' City Rage Room is scheduled for Saturday, April 4th at 1515 Route 37 East in Toms River.

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