Ray Miller
Ray Miller

For a small town Seaside Heights sure gets plenty of attention and often suffers criticism not deserved.

Take what happened this past weekend when thousands of young people showed up for a music and beach party that was advertised and then spread like wild fire through social media, an event that really wasn’t even legit.  In truth the problems caused by the large crowd who indulged in drinking and smoking marijuana really took place on the south end of the boardwalk in Seaside Park but as is often is the case most of the negative reaction came from those who like to bash the “Heights” because it’s an easy target.

Actually the participants in this non-event were expecting to gather in Seaside Heights but the beach was filled with kids and families taking part in an annual sand soccer tournament which brings the kind of visitors the borough is trying to attract these days.  When they realized this was not the spot for them the crowd of several thousand (and not the 15,000 first reported) headed south to the Funtown Beach and engaged in the kind of behavior nobody would welcome.

From everything I have been told by those who witnessed what took place things could have been much worse and local and supporting law enforcement showed patience and diligence in getting a handle on the situation.  Unfortunately it was another blow for a town trying to improve its image. Two steps forward and three steps back.

Belated congratulations to Ray Miller of Island Heights who earlier this month was elected as the 100th state commander of the American Legion Department of New Jersey.  The honor is especially noteworthy because this is the 100th anniversary of the nation’s largest service organizations which advocates patriotism and honor, promotes strong national security, mentors youth and supports service members and veterans as well as local communities.

Miller, who served in the Air Force and Air Force Reserve, spent more than four decades with the New Jersey State Police in various capacities.  He has been active with Post 129 in Toms River as well as on the county and national level and will attend the 100th national convention in Minneapolis in August.

Ray’s wife Laurinda was also recently elected president of the Ocean County American League Auxiliary and the couple have two daughters and four grandchildren.

Congratulations Ray and thank you for your continued service.




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