As bar and beach owners in Point Pleasant Beach continue to spar with some Borough Council Members and residents over alcohol serving and parking ordinances, some shore front communities are able to find balance in being both a family attraction and a party destination.

Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty believes he leads one of those towns. He says they have outstanding relationships with its bar and business owners. He says its hospitality establishments are good civic citizens and generously contribute to the community. He says "when we have issues, we bring it to their attention and it's addressed very quickly."

Doherty says "the relationship is critical to the harmony between having families on the beach and having a vibrant night life. He says "it's important for the bar owners to work with us to keep the crowds under control so that we're able to market the beach to middle class families through out New Jersey."

However, Doherty says he also understands the Point Pleasant Beach dilema of not owning their own beach. "I think it starts to put up barriers between the year-round residents who enjoy the beach and understand that the beach is a part of their community and you know in Point Pleasant, the beach is privately owned, it's not part of their community. It's a private business"

Doherty says because businesses and residents are all invested into the economic health of the borough they can aggressively market the beach as a family-destination.

He says most recently, they were voted number one beach in Monmouth County and the 5 best beach in the entire state.

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