Matzo with butter spread on top used to be a favorite snack when I was a kid.  But as I'm finding out, there are so many more ways to enjoy the cracker-like flatbread.  My friend loves to put peanut butter on matzo.  Another friend loves any kind of melted cheese on her matzos.  Meats, fish, and things like chicken salad can also sit on top of matzos.

After doing a little research, I learned that matzo also makes an important ingredient for dishes like matzo lasagne, matzo French toast, and matzo mac and cheese!  I even saw a recipe for matzo huevos rancheros!

So, besides matzo ball soup, and just spreading butter on your matzo, how do you like to eat them?  If you have a good recipe, please share in the Comments section.  Thanks.

Happy Passover!


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