As we get ready to celebrate America's 241st birthday next week, we took a look around Ocean County and found that patriotism is alive and well here at the Shore, so we wanted to share just a few of those local symbols that stand as a testament to our pride.

  • Southern Regional School District Photo
    Southern Regional School District Photo

    Southern Regional's Field Of Flags

    Every year, leading up to Memorial Day, volunteers take to the lawn at Southern Regional High School and plant a single flag for every American who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    As of this time last year, there were nearly 7,000 flags representing the ultimate sacrifice that one can make for their country.

  • Photo by Bradley James
    Photo by Bradley James

    Route 539's Patriot Rock

  • Photo by Andy Chase
    Photo by Andy Chase

    The Flag Guy Of Ocean County

    If you ever get into a debate with someone about who is more patriotic, chances are that Toms River's "Flag Guy" has you beat. That is, of course, unless you plan to dress in red, white, and blue shorts, an American flag t-shirt, and march along the side of the road waving the stars & stripes.

    Scores of people have seen Joe Placente of Toms River's show of pure patriotism, and my colleague Andy Chase of our sister station 105.7 The Hawk stopped to chat with him and learn more. You can click here to check out Andy's story.

  • Photo by Justin Louis
    Photo by Justin Louis

    War Hero Joshua Huddy

    Everyone knows Huddy Park. But not many know who the park is named after.

    It turns out that Captain Joshua Huddy was a pretty important guy back in 1782. Not just important, but quite literally a martyr to the cause of our freedom.

    In honor of Toms River's 250th birthday, we did a deep dive into the town's history, including Captain Huddy. You can check out that story by clicking here.

  • Townsquare Media Photo
    Townsquare Media Photo

    Honoring Our First Responders

    Ocean County is incredibly supportive and proud of our first responders.

    How do I know that? All you have to do is take a look at the amazing responses that we got with our Best Looking Police Vehicle and Best Looking Fire Truck competitions.

    Not only did we get dozens of submissions from police and fire departments throughout the county, but we got thousands of votes. If that's not pride, I don't know what is!

    You can check out the winners of each - Tuckerton for police and Island Heights for fire.

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