In a recent article in the National Review by Philip Klein, he reviewed and did a TOP 10 best from Entenmann’s Bakery. While I agree with some I don’t with other rankings on his list. Let’s face it we could make 1,000 lists and each time a difference of opinion. One thing I would say is that most folks here in New Jersey enjoy Entenmann’s desserts. Some more than others lol

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Obviously, Entenmann’s was in the news following news last week that its leader, Charles Entenmann had passed away at the age of 92. He helped put Entenmann’s on kitchen tables around New Jersey and the nation. This article will look at those Entenmann’s favorites.

For me, I would have to say I do “not” agree with Philip’s ranking which has the chocolate cake with marshmallow topping on top. Not my favorite, yet I know many do love it. For us, we always enjoyed the Entenmann’s donuts variety pack. You know the one with an old-fashioned styled donut, crumb, glazed, and chocolate frosted. This is the king of the Entenmann’s dessert empire. For me at least.


Gourmet Market Pantry Via Amazon
Gourmet Market Pantry Via Amazon


Another big favorite from Entenmann’s besides their donuts are their “soft” chocolate chip cookies. These little ones pack a delicious punch and with a good cup of coffee makes a great sweet treat after dinner. Because they are little you must be careful because these chocolate chip cookies add up quickly lol.

Entenmann’s crumb cake has to be on a “best of the list” it’s just plain delicious and always a fan favorite. Also on the list has to be their Raspberry Danish Twist. This is classic Entenmann’s and the raspberry goes great with this pastry. Don’t bother with a fork the “twist” is a hand dessert lol

Entenmann’s muffins are always a tasty treat. Banana, blueberry, chocolate chip or corn muffins all are delicious.

You cannot put together a list of the “best” of Entenmann’s without adding their pound cake or “loaf” cake. They come in many varieties, but Entenmann’s pound cake is just delicious.

Are far as the cake I know many like the devil's food with marshmallow topping, but I will go with the golden cake and chocolate fudge topping. That’s my particular favorite.

So let us know your Entenmann’s favorites. Post your choices below 👇🏻


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