A Toms River man is shot dead in Manchester Township, in what appears to be an orchestrated suicide by cop.


Limichael Shine, 18, advanced on police who responded to his 911 call Sunday afternoon, wielding a large knife that he refused to drop, according to information from the office of Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato. He also left a note of apology, authorities said.

The incident is under review by the Prosecutor's Office and the county Sheriff's CSI Unit, with cooperation by Manchester Police.

Manchester officers fielded the call at 1:50 PM, in which Shine indicated that he planned to kill himself and wanted an officer to respond to a house on Robin Street, officials said.

According to authorities, Shine was cleaning the house with his mother.

Investigators said that Shine began advancing on responding officers, brandishing the knife and ignoring repeated commands to drop it.

A Manchester officer fired one shot, and other officers immediately began first aid procedures. Shine was pronounced dead during hospitalization.

In the note, written before the emergency call, Shine said that his goal was to be killed by a police officer, and he apologized to responding officers.

While the review continues, anyone who has information useful to investigators can reach Detective John Carroll at OCPO, 732-929-2027, ext. 3964.

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