Usually, setting a record is a good thing. Something to be proud of. Something to brag about and shout from the rooftops. But early this morning, Toms River stood above (or below, as the case may be) the rest of the country for a rather startling reason.

According to News 12 New Jersey, we were the coldest spot in the continental U.S. early this morning:


That's right, we were colder than Wausau, WI. More frigid than International Falls, MN. Chillier even than Mt. Washington, NH.

Heck, according to their map even Quebec, Canada was toastier than the heart of Ocean County.

The good news is that as we continue into this week, we'll actually see temperatures approaching more spring-like numbers.

But don't let that lull you into a sense of comfort, winter has only begun in Ocean County! As of this writing spring is still 69 days away, kicking off on March 20th.

Stay warm out there, everyone!


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