Wegmans, Cracker Barrel, and Trader Joe's?

This is a topic we have discussed at various points in the past. We have talked about all three of these franchises individually and whether they would make a great fit for Toms River. This time around we are discussing all three together and we asked you at home what you thought of the issue. All three of these big franchises are different and have something unique for Toms River. Wegmans is a major large grocery retailer, Cracker Barrel is a comfy country-style restaurant and gift shop, and Trader Joe's is a unique style food market with their own lines of food.


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Is there a need for a large supermarket in Toms River? Stop & Shop just announced their closing stores, will Toms River survive? As the community grows does the need? How do you feel about Wegmans? Is it an idea you think works for Toms River?



Cracker Barrel is a fun country-style restaurant with a throw-back gift shop to check out before or after dinner. Are you surprised Cracker Barrel isn't already in Toms River?



Trader Joe's has a niche when it comes to modern-day shopping. There is one in Brick, but is there more than enough with shoppers from Toms River and surrounding communities? There is only 1 Trader Joe's in Ocean County.



What Are Residents Saying?

Diana: "I do not know that we will ever get a Wegmans maybe Trader Joe's but Is it an affluent area enough to support those stores?"

Maria: "Where?"


Adam: "Shawn we need a cracker Barrell for sure. Tired of banks and car washes going in all the time, we need new things."

Peggy: "Absolutely!!! Wegmans & cracker barrel"

Mary Anne: "Cracker Barrel"

Carley: "Yes we want Trader Joe’s !!"

Ryan: "Definitely"

Colleen: "Yes"

Patricia: "Cracker Barrel!!"


Give Us Your Feedback

What do you think of the idea of Wegmans, Cracker Barrel, and Trader Joe's in Toms River? Post your thoughts below and share your two cents.


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