I spent part of the weekend helping my friends prepare for and then hold a yard sale.  They called on me, recalling that I have had a good history with sales.  My knowledge comes from years of experience.  I seriously started selling stuff when I was about 8.  I've always loved the feeling of making money while at the same time decluttering and making someone else happy.  They say "your trash is someone else's treasure."  I believe that to be true.  Absolutely.

If you're thinking of hosting a sale, but aren't quite sure, here are some things to think about:

Price things low enough that people will be willing to take the risk.  Items under $5 seem to go quickly.  It's hard at first to let an item go when you think about how much you paid for it, but if you haven't been using it, it's really not doing you any good so why not let someone else enjoy it?

Put price stickers on each item.  It can get busy and confusing if you have a rush of people asking you how much everything costs.  You'll be glad when you're ringing up your customers that you had everything marked.

If possible, have enough tables or bookcases to display everything.  People will be more comfortable shopping when things are easy to see.  You don't want them to strain their backs looking at what you've set on the ground, on a tarp or blanket, for example.

I've found a nice way to display items is by "department:' Kitchen, Office, Home Decor, Tools, Books, etc.

The day before your sale, I suggest you go to the bank and get at least $50 worth of single bills.   This will be helpful in case your first customers of the day all come with $20 bills. You'll want to store all your money in a place that's easy to access.  An apron with a pocket works great, as does a "fanny pack."

Finally, find out if your community requires you to get a permit to hold a yard sale.

I wish you good luck if you're going to have a sale soon!  It's a lot of work, but it can make for a really nice day and give you some extra spending money.

Do you have any questions about organizing?  Please post in the Comments section below.   I'll do my best to give you a good answer.


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