As a parent, I do not take too well to someone bullying my daughter and I am sure that other parents feel the same. In most cases of bullying you are dealing with another human being right, imagine if a ghost was the bully. How would you fight the paranormal or explain to your child how to protect themself?

Let me start off by saying that I am a believer in paranormal activity and I do believe that people who have crossed over can still communicate with the living. I have never heard of a case like this, only seen it in movies. So when I came across this story the first thing I wanted to do was see the video because it was just hard for me to believe that a ghost got physical with a toddler. I was like what did the baby do to the spirit?

Is this still hard for you to wrap your mind around? Well, check out the video for yourself and you will see the same thing I saw. A family appears to be standing in front of their home when their toddler was suddenly knocked to the grown. The thing about it was that the baby did not stumble or trip, it appears that someone or something gave the toddler a very good push and she hits the ground.

Check out the video from TikTok, from a user whose account lists they are from Baltimore, Maryland.

The parent stops what they are doing to check on the child and she appears to be ok. Well, they took the toddler to be checked out and it turned out that her tibia and fibula were fractured.


When her mom asked her what happened she stated that a ghost hurt her. I am amazed that she knows that it was a ghost that attacked her.


I was too fascinated with this story because I actually believe the little girl knows what she is talking about. Like I said in the beginning, I believe in paranormal activity. So, I decided to reach out to a medium that I know and I asked him to share his thoughts on it. If you watch the video below, you can see what he had to say.

All in all, I would say make sure you treat everybody right when they are living. Could you imagine a spirit coming back and attacking one of your loved ones because you were mean to them? Just treat everybody right.

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