Ever been stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence? Would you like to see how drugs and alcohol affect your senses and judgment - from the sober side? Learn all about it January 29 at the Ocean County Mall in Toms River.

The county Health Department (OCHD)'s annual "Three-D": event aims to teach the dangers of driving while impaired or distracted, to help you recognize the warning signs of addictions, and to explain prevention, education and consequences.

At center court, safety officials will let you dry on "Fatal Vision" goggles, letting you experience the effects of alcohol, depressants and stimulants. There will also be simulated DUI stops.

Start times for these are 10:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM.

At 12 noon, there will be a commemoration ceremony. Discussion will cover DUI regulations in New Jersey and safety tips from the New Jersey Highwat and Traffic Safety Administration (NJHTSA).

Speakers include OCHD Public Health Coordinator Dan Regneye; Director Pete Curatolo of the county's Intoxicated Driver Resource Center; and acting NJHTSA Director Gary Poedubicky.