It's a game show we watch every night in our house at 7:00 pm on ABC. I never win and barely know the answers, but it's fun to try to get the right "question" right.

I love when questions on Jeopardy! revolve around New Jersey. New Jersey questions are always tough, but I know them, sometimes.

Getty Images / Townsquare Media Illustration
Getty Images / Townsquare Media Illustration

This one question from Jeopardy!, not a single player on this night's show got this answer right. Here's the question, can you answer it? “In 2021 he became the first Democrat re-elected Jersey’s Gov. since Brendan Byrne in 1977; maybe an arena will be named for him.”

The clip eventually made its way to Murphy himself, and it’s safe say the state’s 56th governor was confident in his answer.

“I’d like to buzz in, @Jeopardy! #InaugurationNJ,” Murphy, 64, jokingly on his X account, according to

None of the contestants on this night's show were from New Jersey, from, these were the other New Jersey questions:

For $200: “Hey, this Ivy League school, what exit? It moved from Elizabeth to Newark before finding its final home in 1756.”

For $400: “Traffic is tricky on this bridge across the Hudson from Jersey to New York, so a lower deck with 6 more lanes was finished in 1962.”

For $600: “This singer who is Jersey all the way brought Richie Sambora into his self-named band.”

For $800: “You can land on St. James Place, Pacific Avenue or Vermont Avenue in this oceanfront resort city.” - Would you have known these answers?

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