I'm following up yesterday's blog post about how to keep bugs away when we're outside in the summer.  I mentioned some of the sprays and citronella products I was aware of.

Well, as luck would have it, I attended a gathering last night where there were way more mosquitoes than people.  Here's what I noticed:

My friend, the host, came out carrying an armful of insect repellents.  Seriously, there were 5 bottles.  A few seemed like the traditional kind of spray, one was labeled a "natural" repellent, and one was labeled "deep woods" which contained DEET.  I was the first to leave my seat and go over to the bug sprays; applying some on my legs, arms, and neck.

I was actually the first...and only!  Why didn't anyone else in the group apply insect repellent?  Wouldn't they get bitten?  I don't have any answers but I'm wondering if you're someone who attracts mosquitoes or if they usually leave you alone?

I MUST use some kind of product or else I'll get bitten and itchy.  Do you typically use an insect repellent when you go outside in the evening?  Or can you, like my friends at last night's gathering, tough it out without applying anything?

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