This July will mark 100 years since the infamous "12 Days Of Terror" along the beaches of Ocean and Monmouth Counties, with the first nationally publicized accounts of shark attacks.

Between July 1st and 12th, 1916, five people were bitten by sharks along the Jersey Shore, with only one surviving. The first incident was right here in Ocean County, in Beach Haven.

Over the next 12 days two more attacks occurred, in Spring Lake and Matawan. The ensuing press frenzy caused a national panic and a lasting national legacy, even lending some inspiration to Steven Speilberg's "Jaws".

This summer will mark 100 years since the attacks occurred, and events will be held to mark the occasion.

Matawan will also be holding events this summer to mark their involvement in the infamous incidents.

You can get more information on Beach Haven't "Sharkfest" by clicking here.