This is a perfect and scrumptious breakfast place in Ocean County.

I was so happy to see this restaurant on the list. The list was put out by as one of the "best" places to check out and low and behold, this "little" spot made it.

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It was on a list by and thanks to the about restaurants you MUST try. It's a restaurant that's open all year long and it's delicious in the summer, winter, fall, and spring. I know I go here a lot.

Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Getty Stock, ThinkStock

This favorite Breakfast spot is in Bayville and it made the top 50 restaurants in New Jersey to check out. The restaurant that my whole family loves, especially breakfast is Grits & Grace. They're open for breakfast and lunch only.

I was so happy to see Grits & Grace made the list. From their chocolate chip pancakes that my daughter loves to their delicious waffles and omelets, you will love it. I drive by this restaurant on weekends and there is a line outside waiting to just get into the door. It's amazing.

This location used to be several restaurants and the latest being C&G's which was absolutely delicious, too.

From the Grits & Grace Facebook page:

Grits & Grace is located on Rt. 9 in Bayville, across from the dinosaur. I would say about one or two years now, it changed to Grits & Grace from C&G's and I've heard nothing but wonderful things since the new ownership.

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