Last night as I went to walk my dog before bed, I opened the door and the thick smell of smoke was filling the air.

Every now and then I have neighbors who get a little overzealous with bonfires, but last night was way too muggy and hot to be able to enjoy a bonfire, and this smell wasn't just that of an evening around the campfire. 

It turns out that the smell wasn't just in my neighborhood.

In fact, if you live throughout much of Ocean County, you've probably noticed the same thing in the last day or two.

That's because, as our own Townsquare News Network is reporting, a massive fire has been ripping through Wharton State Forest for the last few days. 

Officials say that it's the largest fire to hit the forest, which spans parts of Burlington, Atlantic, and Camden Counties, in a decade.

So if you're smelling smoke in Brick, Toms River, Manahawkin, and frankly through most of Ocean County, that's why.



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