Take a good look at the photo above. What do you see?

Here's what I see - people laughing and having fun.

That was pretty much the whole evening at Beacon 70 in Brick last night as we awarded the Vacation of a Lifetime. It was two hours of smiles, laughs, handshakes, back pats, and a fair share of hugs. We even had some tears.

While most of the time I'm in a studio by myself behind a microphone and about 4 computer screens, I never feel like I'm alone.

I always feel like I'm right there with my listeners. Whether it's at work, in the car, or at home, I strive to create a personal connection that creates real life relationships.

And I think that last night's party was a great example of that. We had listeners of all ages and genders from across Ocean County, and we all had fun.

We had suspense, excitement, and genuine interactions between all involved.

And you know what? That right there is what makes this job so fulfilling!


Up Next - Watch the moment that the Vacation of a Lifetime was awarded:

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