We have a ‘best of' category in just about every facet of eating. Usually, when you're talking about the most popular restaurant in your area, you would assume that you're also talking about the best restaurant but that may or may not be true.

We love our restaurants for different reasons.  Sometimes a restaurant grabs our loyalty because they make one thing so well that they become known for it.  Everything else on the menu may be totally mediocre, but as long as they have that one signature menu item you're in. Other times, a restaurant gets you as a regular because of its location.  Everyone loves a hometown gathering place. Also, don’t discount pure staying power. If a restaurant manages to last for a few generations, now they have nostalgia on their side.

In this article we are not talking about the best vibe or the most critically acclaimed cuisine, we are just interested in what restaurant is the most famous (for any reason).  You know, like Kim Kardashian, famous for being famous. Every state has a restaurant like that and I’m curious if you agree with the picks for our area.  These are the most famous restaurants in New Jersey, NYC, and Pennsylvania.

Most Famous Restaurant In New York

Remember when I said some places are known for that one thing that only they can do?  Well, Katz's in New York City is that place.  They have had generational support too since they first opened their doors in 1888.  They are the pastrami sandwich legend.  You remember the scene that goes with this sign right?  Katz is where it all happened.


The Most Famous Restaurant in Pennsylvania

If you are an Eagles fan, you march to a very different beat than they do in New York.  Philly has its own flavor and guess what, that flavor does not have to be a cheesesteak or soft pretzel with mustard on it. 

Philly fans love fine dining too and when Zahav opened in 2008 this Israeli cuisine won all sorts of awards. They have actually been crowned the most outstanding restaurant in 2019 with a highly coveted James Beard Award.  Their claim to fame is their pomegranate lamb shoulder with chickpeas.  

 The Most Famous Restaurant In New Jersey

In the same way that Philly was recognized for something other than a cheesesteak, I wish Jersey was noted for something different than a diner. Honestly, I feel like picking a diner as New Jersey’s most famous restaurant is low-hanging fruit. We are the diner capital of the world, so we should have seen this coming.  Their pick for New Jersey’s most famous restaurant is Tops Diner in East Newark. 

I’ve been there and as far as diners go they are spectacular.  They have been in business since 1942 and they know their customers. Top's has a liquor license and they create custom cocktails, (not what you expect from a diner).   I recommend experiencing this hot spot but considering how they made the most famous restaurant list in New Jersey, you've probably already been there. 

I have to give big love to Food Love for doing the work to find the most famous restaurants in every state.  If you want to see the others you can find them here.

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