Here at the Shore, when winter rolls around we usually get the benefit of a few degrees warmer than the interior of the state.

Of course, we have plenty of cold spots in Ocean County, especially once you start getting into the Pine Barrens, but at least we don't have the distinction of hosting the single coldest town in New Jersey.

USAToday dug through data for the whole country to find the coldest town in each state.

How about this for some contrasts:

Cold spots for the middle of the country, heartland states like Indiana (Wanatah, IN), Ohio (Canfield, OH), and Iowa (Sheldon, IA) all hang in the mid-30 degree range.

There's no surprise that Alaska tops the list, with Deadhorse, AK checking in with an average low temperature of a measly 11.6 degrees. And that's across the whole year, by the way, the average low temperature in January? A bone rattling 23.1 below zero!

The warmest cold spot (or "least cold" if you prefer) is of course Hawaii, with Kula, HI only dipping to an average of 52.6 at its coldest.

So, what about us?

According to USAToday, the coldest town in New Jersey is Sussex, NJ.

Nestled way up near High Point State Park, the average low temperature in Sussex is 37.9, with the January average hanging in the teens, at 15.8 degrees.

So I guess this gives us something to make us feel a little better when the dead of winter rolls around in Ocean County, here in NJ, it could be colder than what we get!


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