New Jersey drivers are notorious for having seriously bad driving skills that sometimes, unfortunately, become deadly. With increased deer on the road this time of the year and winter right around the corner, driving is in New Jersey is going to be more dangerous than ever.

When I think of dangerous roads here in the state, one of the most dangerous I think of is the Garden State Parkway right after the Driscoll Bridge. In my travels to the Union City campus of Kean University, this is probably one of the scariest roads that I have ever been on.

I also think dangerous roads are based on the season, too. With the influx of tourists here at the Jersey Shore, I would say undoubtedly that the scariest way in New Jersey is Route 70 and Fischer Boulevard.

In a recent article posted by CBS News, they highlighted the deadliest highways in each state. According to the report, Route 130 is the most dangerous highway in the state, with just about 11 deaths per year.

Route 130 starts at the south end of the turnpike in Pennsville Township. It travels through Logan Township, Gloucester City, Collingswood, Pennsauken Township, Pearl Harbor Extension in Florence Township, Bordentown, Hamilton Township, Robbinsville Township, South Brunswick, and ends connecting to Route 1 in North Brunswick.

Do you travel on Route 130 often? Did you think that Route 130 was the deadliest road in New Jersey before this seeing this article? Let us know in the comments section below!

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