Which version of New Jersey's license plates do you remember the most fondly?

As I was growing up in the Garden State (a slogan, by the way, that's graced our license plates for more than 60 years), some cars still had the black type on pale yellow (officially, "buff") plates that had identified vehicles for decades between 1959 and 1979.

But most vehicles featured the instantly recognizable light blue plates with yellow type (still, "buff", actually, an intentional hat tip to the previous generation of plates) that graced cars and trucks throughout the 1980s.

The blue plates only stuck around for a little over a decade, until 1992, when the current color scheme of black type on a faded yellow-to-white background came out.

But a pair of New Jersey lawmakers are betting that New Jerseyans are nostalgic enough to warrant a return of the classic baby blue license plates.

According to NJ.com, two Garden State lawmakers introduced a bill in Trenton this week that would add the retro plates to the slate of specialty tags that are available from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission for an additional fee.

If the totally unscientific study that I undertook is any indication (by that, I mean a quick look through eBay), there's enough of a nostalgia factor to the old school Jersey license plates that they're coming and going on the secondary market, so you have to believe that people would slap them back on their cars if they could.

What do you think, would you put a baby blue license plate on your car to evoke the glory days of the 1980s?

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